Prime Minister Imran Khan's Speech at International Conference on Civilizational Values in The Prophet's Seerah

May 27, 2021

بسم اللہ الرحمن الرحیم

I would thank Dr. Salim and ICESCO for allowing me to speak about our Holy Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, the greatest human who stepped on this earth. Firstly, our Prophet ﷺ created the greatest Civilization on earth and that civilization was based on the state of Medinah which the Prophet ﷺ set up. The state of Medinah was based on two principles, number one was rule of law. Our Prophet ﷺ said that even if his daughter committed a crime she would be punished and secondly said that many nations before you have been destroyed who had one law for the powerful and the rich and one for the weak and the poor. In other words nations which did not have rule of law, who had the law of the jungle, might is right, were sooner or later destroyed. 

Great Nations always were based upon justice. The second thing our Prophet ﷺ set up was the first welfare state in the history of mankind. First time the state took responsibility of the weak section of the society, the poor, the orphans, the widows even the elderly because for the first time we heard of pensions was in the time of the second Khalifa Hazrat Omar, where the state took responsibility of the old. So, this was a unique state, first it took care of its weak and secondly, it brought the powerful under the law. Even today this is the main thing which distinguishes a civilized society from what is called a Banana Republic. And the societies that are closer to these two principles are the ones that are prosperous and the other societies with which do not have rule of law and which do not have compassion are relegated to the dustbin of history. We have seen the latest rising power China. The Chinese took out over 700 million people in 30 years out of poverty. In other words, they thought about the weak in the society and secondly over 400 ministerial level people were thrown into jails for corruption. In other words, they brought the powerful under the law. This is, in my opinion, the basis of a society which emerges, which grows, which ascends. And it was on these principles the state of Medinah was based upon and in human history it was the most remarkable turnaround. It's one of the most remarkable things in human history that, within 12 years the Romans had collapsed in front of this new revolution and in another year, the other superpower the Persians had collapsed under this new ideology. And it became the greatest Civilization because it under the rule of law, it liberated human beings, there was meritocracy, there was compassion, they lead the world in science for hundreds of years, they had the best scientists, the best thinkers and that  was because of the foundation laid in the state of Medinah. And I hope that in the Muslim world, we will again go back to those basic principles because those basic principles are according to our great Iqbal, one of the greatest thinkers of the subcontinent, who said that whenever in history the Muslims have risen up, they have always gone back to the old principles of Islam which were embedded by the Prophet ﷺ in the state of Madina

Thank you.