Prime Minister’s telephone call to the President of Turkey

June 27, 2018

Prime Minister Nasir-ul-Mulk called the President of Turkey H.E. Recep Tayyip Erdogan today to congratulate him on his victory in the Presidential and parliamentary elections held in Turkey on 24 June 2018. The Prime Minister noted that it was a watershed moment in the history of modern Turkey that would usher the country on a higher path of continued progress and prosperity in the days to come. 

The Prime Minister noted that Turkey remains a role model for many other countries as a vibrant democracy, strengthened by the repeated trust and whole-hearted support and confidence the people of Turkey have expressed politically as well as through their votes for the long term national vision espoused by President Erdogan. 

Both leaders underscored with satisfaction that Pakistan and Turkey remain tied in close bonds of friendship, love, affection and trust among our people. The two countries remain partners for bringing greater harmony among our brotherly Muslim countries as well as to work for the long-term peace, security, stability and socio-economic development of the two nations and the region. 

The Prime Minister also conveyed best wishes of the entire Pakistani nation for the long-term prosperity, happiness and continued progress of the brotherly people of Turkey.