Contents of the letter written by the Prime Minister to all party heads

October 26, 2013

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has written a letter to the heads of all political parties in the wake of promulgation of “Protection of Pakistan Ordinance 2013”. Following are the contents of the letter:



            As you are aware, we have been elected to the Parliament by the people of Pakistan with the hope to end the extended regime of terror unleashed since the adoption of post 9/11 policies. Decades of dictatorial regime and mis-governance have resulted in complete erosion of state writ and authority. Apart from the remote areas, safe havens in urban centers and towns have also become a cause of serious concern. Coupled with the failure of law enforcement agencies responsible for internal security and prosecution of crime, due to a variety of reasons, we are currently facing a situation where life and property of the people is in grave danger. On the other hand, the organized mafia is roaming free due to legal vacuum created by constant tampering with different legislations over an extended period of time. Resultantly the socio-economic fabric of our society as well as the age old value system binding this nation is in danger of disintegration.

            It is in this context and with a view to the potential unfolding events in post 2014 Afghanistan that the Federal Government considered it imperative to put in place a legal mechanism for intervention to protect the right and liberty of the common man as well as the sovereignty and integrity of the state of Pakistan. A team of legal and security experts have worked diligently to ensure that the new law is in complete consonance with the constitution of Pakistan.

            I am enclosing a copy of the “Protection of Pakistan Ordinance 2013”, which is being promulgated with a view to give a strong message to the organized crime and anti-state elements regarding the will and determination of the state and the people of Pakistan to face and eliminate all challenges to sovereignty and integrity of this country. I am sure that you will spare some time to give it a reading and support the government in its passage through the Parliament in due course with the same spirit and determination that you exhibited during recent All Parties Conference.


          With warm regards,