Senators belonging to PML(N) called on Prime Minister

August 22, 2017

Senators belonging to PML(N) called on Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at Prime Minister Office Islamabad today.

Talking to the Senators, the Prime Minister observed that the government of PML(N), during past four years, has contributed immensely towards steering the country out of the challenges that were faced by it. He said that from the challenges of economy to the deteriorating law & order situation in the country, the PML (N) government under leadership of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has put the country back on track and has enabled it to return to the path of progress and prosperity.

Discussing various policy initiatives relating to security, economy and development, the Prime Minister said that the performance of the present government was better than past governments. He said that PML(N) government focused on much needed developmental projects that catered to the needs of the people and ensured their timely completion. He emphasized that policies have also projected our positive image at international level and restored the confidence of the international community, especially foreign investors in Pakistan. He said that this has been acknowledged by the leading international organizations.

The Prime Minister said that we have given a concept of corruption free government and it is indeed a matter of great pride for all of us that not a single case of corruption in developmental projects has surfaced during the past four years.

The Prime Minister especially highlighted the accomplishment made in the areas of economy, power sector, timely completion and implementation of various developmental projects besides ensuring internal security.

The Prime Minister observed that the PML(N) government firmly believes in rule of law, upholding democratic ideals and strengthening of institutions in the country. He said that the real challenge before the parliamentarians was to build on the gains made during past four years.