US President Telephones the Prime Minister

March 30, 2016

US President Barack Obama telephoned PM today. President Obama extended condolences on behalf of the people of the United States on the Lahore tragedy and requested the Prime Minister to convey his feelings to the affected families. People of the United States are with the government and the people of Pakistan in this tragic moment and we will extend every help to Pakistan to eliminate terror from its soil, President Obama said.

President Obama said that under the leadership of Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Pakistan has shown great progress in this war against terrorism. We acknowledge and appreciate your leadership in the anti-terror effort and believe that Pakistan will succeed in this war, President Obama stated.  

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif said that the invisible enemy is killing innocent people who are soft targets for them due to their broken infrastructure. My resolve and my nation's resolve is getting stronger day by day, said the Prime Minister. 

The Pakistani nation will win this war against this invisible enemy and extremist ideology, the Prime Minister said. President Obama appreciated the Prime Minister's decision to stay back with his nation in this testing time by not attending the Nuclear Security Summit. President Obama told the Prime Minister that we will meet in near future and I am eagerly waiting for this meeting.