PM has said that Pakistan would seek help and guidance from Turkey in effectively wiping out the menace of extremism from the country

September 17, 2013

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan would seek help and guidance from Turkey in effectively wiping out the menace of extremism from the country.

The Prime Minister said this while meeting Muammer Guler, Turkish Interior Minister, and other high security officials of Turkey, at Ankara.

The Turkish Interior Minister said that Turkey can extend help to Pakistan in controlling cyber crimes and tackling the issue of radicalization. He added that Pakistan has vast human resources and right type of training and education would help a lot. He added that established institutions, corruption free environment, educated population and trained manpower have led to strengthening of institutions in Turkey.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan would learn from the success story of Turkey Police as his government has the initiatives and is willing and determined to deliver on all fronts.

The Prime Minister expressed the hope that Pakistan will implement an effective counter terrorism strategy with the joint cooperation of Turkey. “Turkey is our trusted friend and has come out of the same crisis we face today”, said the Prime Minister. “We have the potential to deliver, and we will deliver”, the Prime Minister added.

The Turkish Interior Minister said that extremism could not be countered and defeated through the use of force only. Social reformation and education could help a lot in this regard. He said that Turkey has worked a lot with the government of Punjab and are ready and willing to work in the entire country and help Pakistan in the fight against extremism.