PM has approved the launch of “Green Pakistan Programme” to improve forestry and wildlife sectors in Pakistan

March 04, 2016

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has approved the launch of “Green Pakistan Programme” to improve forestry and wildlife sectors in Pakistan. Protection and management of wildlife and reclaiming and developing forest areas are the main aspects of the programme.

Preservation and management of forest and wildlife resources of the country need to be adequately developed in line with the best international practices. All relevant Federal and Provincial Ministries and agencies will be facilitated to fulfil the task so that the desired objectives of forests preservation and wildlife protection is achieved, directed the Prime Minister.

Ministry of Climate Change has consulted the Federating Units including the Provinces, GB, AJK and FATA, prior to development of the roadmap. The initiative will ensure far-reaching reform in forestry and wildlife sectors of the country. Assessment of forest resource depletion, use of modern technology, and development of immediate and long term forest resource expansion plans are some of the salient features of Green Pakistan Programme.

The Prime Minister has directed Ministry of Climate Change to develop a proposal for strengthening Zoological Survey of Pakistan to immediately undertake inventory of endangered wildlife species and habitats across Pakistan. The Prime Minister has also issued directions for revival and management of internationally recognized wildlife habitats including Khunjrab National Park (GB), Khirthar National Park (Sindh), Hingol National Park (Baluchistan), Chitral Gol National Park (KPK), Lal Suhanara National Park and Salt Range area (Punjab), Machiara National Park (AJK) and Margalla Hills National Park (ICT). The institutional and administrative steps for protection of habitat and inventory for endangered wildlife species will help a great deal to achieve the desired goals. 

Ministries of Climate Change and Science & Technology will lead the regular stock-take of deforestation and forest degradation on periodic basis for producing “Report on State of Forestry in Pakistan”. GIS laboratory in Punjab and Forest Inventory in KP Environment will help in maintaining the report while SUPARCO will extend technical support in the form of provision of images.

The Prime Minister will lead the Green Pakistan Programme on the pattern of “Great Green Wall Programme” of China which will target to add 100 Million new plants over next five years all over the country. This includes one thousand Avenue Miles of Canal Side & Roadside Plantations in Punjab, KPK and Sindh, plantations at Changa Manga, Darphar, Bahawalpur and Chichawatni. Mangroves forests in Karachi and Badin along with hill forests of Khirthar Range in Sindh, Juniper forests of Ziarat and Chilghoza forest in Suleiman Ranges of Baluchistan and areas in GB, AJK, Muree,  Hazara, Kotli Sattian, Malakand, FATA (Orakzai, North Waziristan,etc) are some of the locations for the plantations.

The Federal Government will have an effective and steering role in all initiatives under the umbrella of Revival of Forestry & Wildlife Resources in Pakistan. 50% of the funding requirement will be contributed by the Federal Government while the remaining 50% is to be spent by the concerned provincial government/region.