PM approves Action Plan to Improve Human Rights Situation in Pakistan

February 13, 2016

While approving the draft Action Plan to improve Human Rights Situation in Pakistan; Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has approved an amount of Rs. 400.000 million for human rights education, sensitization, awareness, research and communication. Rs. 150.000 million shall be provided during the current financial year through a supplementary grant, while Rs. 250.000 million through budgetary allocations in Financial Year (FY)2016-17

The Prime Minister has further approved an amount of Rs. 250.000 million for National Institute of Human Rights. Rs. 100.000 million will be provided through PSDP allocations during the current FY and Rs. 150.000 during FY2016-17.

The Prime Minister has also approved an amount of Rs. 100.000 million for Endowment Fund during the current financial year, which will extend legal aid to the poor victims of human rights violations. The Prime minister has directed the Ministry of Human Rights to prepare detailed guidelines for a transparent use of the Endowment Fund.