Prime Minister casts vote in Lahore

October 31, 2015

LAHORE, Oct 31 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday cast his vote here to take part in local bodies' elections, taking place in 20 districts of Punjab and Sindh provinces.

      The Prime Minister, who arrived at the polling station, after setting aside his protocol, cast vote in Union Council No 70 of Sarai Sultan.

      After casting the vote, the Prime Minister waved hands to respond to the slogans, raised by a huge public crowd in his support outside the polling station.

      In his statement on the occasion, the Prime Minister said that he had full faith in democracy and "Insha Allah, democracy is our future".

      He said Pakistan was also created through a democratic process. Participation in democratic process by the people of Pakistan manifested their resolve for supremacy of the constitution and rule of law, he remarked.

      Prime Minister Sharif said no other course leads towards progress and prosperity but adherence to the democratic values.