Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said uncertainty in nations was not only fruitless but also proved destructive

July 23, 2015

ISLAMABAD, Jul 23 (APP): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said uncertainty in nations was not only fruitless but also proved destructive. Uncertainty creates political instability, obstructs the path of advancement and progress. 

      He was of the view that the country has paid a heavy price  for this uncertainty and instability. 

      "Had our political history of around 70 years not faced uncertainty, instability and chaos, there would have been no hurdle in democratic system, and today we would have stood shoulder to shoulder with the developed nations."

      The Prime Minister said as he addressed the nation, many areas in the country were inundated. The provincial governments and departments  concerned must ensure that there was no lapse in rescue, relief and rehabilitation of the flood affected people. 

      The federal government was fully active and he himself was visiting the flood affected areas. He lauded the role of the civil and military personnel and organisations involved and appealed to the nation to play their part in reaching out to the flood affected people  in their hour of trial. 

      He assured that the government would do its best in the rehabilitation of the affected people and compensate their losses.

      The Prime Minister said Pakistan today has embarked on a path of progress and prosperity and its economic condition was far better than what it was two years back.

      "Our economy is improving rapidly, Pakistan's repute is improving internationally and three years later, the country would be far better, prosperous and developed."

      He said the country was also progressing in its fight against terrorism and its civil and military institutions were making remarkable gains against terrorism through the Operation Zarb-e-Azb.

      "We are determined to get rid not only our mountains and forests of terrorism and lawlessness, but also our cities and towns. We are committed to bring peace and prosperity and no political expediency can weaken our firm determination," he said.