PM approves assistance package for government servants who die in service

October 22, 2014

Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has approved the assistance package for the families of government employees who die in service.


According to details in case of in-service deaths the amount for BS-1 to BS-16 has been increased to Rs. 2.5 million, BS-17 to Rs. 4 million, BS-18 and 19 to Rs. 8 million and BS-20 and above to Rs. 9 million.


In case of security related deaths the amount for BS 1-16 has been increased to Rs. 3 million, BS-17 to Rs. 5 million, BS-18-19 to Rs. 9 million and BS-20 and above to Rs. 10 million.


In case of both in-service deaths and security related deaths full pay and allowances will be authorized to the families of government servants till the date of superannuation, with increments and with full benefits of the revised rates of all pay and allowances, as allowed by the government from time to time. In both the cases families will be allowed retention of government house or payment of rent for hired house for a period of five years or till the age of superannuation, whichever is later.


Free education will be allowed to all the children of the deceased government employees up to higher educational expenses of children up to level of Schools/ Colleges/ Universities including tuition fee, books and related material as well as living allowance.  


Cash payment would be admissible to the families in lieu of the previous policy of giving away a plot of land. The rates approved are Rs. 2 million for BS-1-8, Rs. 5 million for BS-9-16 and Rs. 7 million for BS-17 and above.


Employment would be given to widow/widower, one son or daughter to the posts in BS-01-15, on regular basis without advertisement against the post criteria of which applicant fulfills.


In terms of GP Fund the approved assistance package includes 50% bonus for employees in BS-1-3 while 30% bonus for employees in BS-4-22.


In case of security related deaths a special lump sum grant from Benevolent Fund ranging from Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 500,000 has been approved.


Concerned departments have also been given guidelines regarding timely filing of assistance cases and streamlining pension procedure and payments.