Economic independence is top most priority: Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif

May 28, 2014

“Our defense is impregnable but now we need to focus on economic independence”, said the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif while addressing a gathering at Wayne Hall Aiwan-e-Karkunan-e-Tahrik Pakistan Lahore to mark the 16thanniversary of Youm-e-Takbeer.

Prime Minister said that it is very unfortunate that despite being a Nuclear Power, Pakistan still faces power shortages, poverty, unemployment, insecurity and terrorism. Our government is working day and night to rid the nation of these problems, said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister further said that the government is not only planning to overcoming existing problems but also has a strategy for the next decades to come.

While enumerating the development projects during the first year of the present government, Prime Minister said that with the cooperation of trusted and reliable friend China, several large power projects are being initiated including 6600 MW Gaddani Power Park, four power projects in Punjab, Thar Coal power project, Pak China economic corridor and many more. Prime Minister further said that the long delayed projects like Nandipur and Neelum Jhelum Power Projects were neglected in the past and we reactivated them and soon they will be completed. Nandipur will be inaugurated in next few days, he added. Corruption and negligence has caused cost overrun which was tax payer money wasted, such carelessness is not acceptable in our government.

Citing long term projects, the Prime Minister said that work on 4000 MW Basha Dam and 4500MW Dasu Dam has started while as Rs.50 Billion have been released for land acquisition of Karachito Lahore Motorway. Moreover, GwadarPort is being developed on the lines of international ports like Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong, Prime Minister added.

Prime Minister also said that our government awarded the 3G & 4G mobile licenses in the most transparent manner and no one raised any kind of allegation on this process. Prime Minister said that growth in telecommunication sector would result in around 0.9 million employment opportunities in the coming four years. Textile export after GSP Plus status would provide around one billion dollars revenue.

Stating economic indicators, the Prime Minister said that Pakistan’s economy is moving towards strong footing and we expect 16% growth in revenues, foreign exchange  reserve are growing, investor confidence has been restored and most of all the value of Rupee has stabilized.

Prime Minister further said that our government is also focusing on infrastructure development with project including Karachi to Lahore Motorway, Rawalpindi Islamabad metro busses, Lahore orange train service with a cost of Rs.60 billion and Karachi mass transit project that would substantially resolved traffic problems of Karachi.

While stating projects initiated for the youth, Prime Minister said that loans scheme has already provided opportunities to our youth in starting their own business and gaining economic independence, laptop scheme will be launched that would help students in knowledge and research. Fee reimbursement scheme for students of less developed areas has also been launched to help deserving students who could not previously afford higher education.

Prime Minister said that all these projects would change the fate of our country and we will witness a Pakistanthat was envisioned by our founders.

“We are working with utmost sincerity for the welfare of Pakistani citizens and do not play politics for personal gains”, said the Prime Minister. Prime Minister further said that those who are protesting are against development and welfare of the people of Pakistan. The people who are protesting, are they against development, education, infrastructure welfare of the people, PM said. He said that it is the People of Pakistan are better judge about our government after witnessing our performance and what we have delivered.

Conventional politics is not important as compared to feeding the poor, eliminating terrorism, social welfare and resolving people’s problems and we need politics that makes Pakistana strong nation.