UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Education and former premier of Britain Mr. Gordon Brown called on the Prime Minister

March 29, 2014

UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy on Education and former premier of Britain Mr. Gordon Brown called on the Prime Minister, Muhammad Nawaz Sharif in Islamabad. Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Minister for Finance, Choudhry Muhammad Sarwar, Governor Punjab and Mr. Muhammad Baligh-ur-Rehman MOS for Education also attended the meeting.

While talking to Mr. Gordon Brown Prime Minister said that government of Pakistan is focused on the quality of education, gender equality and improvement in literacy and learning opportunities for both the young and adults in our society.

“An educated population is more law abiding, more respectful of the rights of others, a more efficient user of scarce resources, is more healthy and civic minded, and above all, is less prone to violence. Education is also an important determinant of economic entrepreneurship, employability and productivity”, PM added.

Prime Minister said that “Currently literacy rate in Pakistan is 58 percent overall, but this is skewed towards males. Our effort is to bridge the gender gap”.

 Prime Minister while appreciating the UN role in enhancing the cause of Education said that Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have played an important role in shaping international discourse on allocation of resources for key global priorities like “Education for All”. Pakistan is committed to achieving the targets and indicators adopted by the UN General Assembly in the year 2000.” It is reassuring that the UN Post 2015 development agenda focuses on Education, PM added.

Prime Minister told that the Government has launched the MDGs Accelerated Framework (MAF) under the National Plan of Action 2013-2016 with a view to accelerate progress towards achieving the MDGs on education. The uphill challenges in attaining MDGs can best be met by renewed and concerted effort to mobilize resources, both domestically and internationally.

Prime Minister appreciated the role played by Mr. Gordon Brown in holding the international conference on education in Islamabad.

The Prime Minister  applauded that the conference would support the education sector in Pakistan and also garner more fund to alleviate the illiteracy.  

Your influence with the international and bilateral agencies will play an important role in Pakistan’s efforts to build the much needed infrastructure for providing quality education, PM added.