*Telephone Call of President European Council Charles Michel to Prime Minister Imran Khan*

August 26, 2021

*Telephone Call of President European Council Charles Michel to Prime Minister Imran Khan*


Prime Minister Imran Khan received a telephone call from the President European Council Charles Michel, today.

Views were exchanged on the unfolding situation in Afghanistan. 

The Prime Minister highlighted the positive role of Pakistan in facilitating evacuation of diplomatic personnel and staff of international organizations and others from Afghanistan.  The President of European Council Charles Michel thanked the Prime Minister for hosting evacuees in transit. 

The Prime Minister shared Pakistan’s perspective, stressing that a stable and peaceful Afghanistan was in the vital interest of Pakistan and the region.

The Prime Minister underscored the importance of ensuring safety and security as well as protection of the rights of all Afghans.

The Prime Minister underlined that an inclusive political settlement was the best course forward. He expressed the hope that the Afghan leaders would continue to work together to achieve that end. The Prime Minister reaffirmed that Pakistan will steadfastly support all efforts in this direction.

The Prime Minister underscored that stabilizing the security situation in Afghanistan was essential to preserve peace, effectively respond to any humanitarian challenges, and ensure economic well-being of the Afghan people in their country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan added that the current situation in Afghanistan required sustained engagement of the international community. It was vitally important to remain in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan and to extend support to them to ward off any humanitarian challenges and ensure economic sustenance.

The Prime Minister added that Pakistan would continue to remain in close contact with regional and international partners to promote shared objectives of peace, stability and development in Afghanistan, which would benefit the region and beyond.

The Prime Minister and President European Council agreed that both sides remain in contact and coordinate closely on the situation in Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister also extended an invitation to the President European Council to visit Pakistan.


26 August 2021