Prime Minister’s telephonic conversation with Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo

August 23, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan had a telephone call from Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, today.

 The evolving situation in Afghanistan was discussed.

 The Prime Minister underscored the importance of a peaceful and stable Afghanistan for Pakistan and for regional stability.


The Prime Minister stressed that safety and security of Afghans and stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan were vitally important.


The Prime Minister added that peace and reconciliation and an inclusive political solution would contribute to the stabilization efforts.


The Prime Minister further underscored the importance of engagement by the international community in support of the people of Afghanistan, both to address humanitarian needs and help in economic sustenance.


The two Prime Ministers exchanged views on ongoing evacuation efforts.


The Belgian Prime Minister conveyed thanks for Pakistan’s support and facilitation for their evacuation endeavours.


The Belgian Prime Minister also extended invitation to the Prime Minister to visit Belgium. Both the leaders agreed to remain in close contact.