Prime Minister Imran Khan's big decision to ensure the supply of essential goods to the people at a low cost.

November 08, 2019

Government decides to provide Rs-6 billion to Utility Stores Corporation immediately. The provision of money will ensure availability of essential items- flour, wheat, ghee, sugar, rice and pulses- at reduced prices.
Islamabad: 08 November 2019
Prime Minister Imran Khan today chaired a meeting to reduce prices of essential commodities which will provide immediate relief to the people.
The meeting was attended by Minister for Planning Makhdoom Khusro Bakhtiar, Minister for Communications Murad Saeed, SAPM for Social Welfare Dr. SanIa Nishtar, Secretaries and Additional Secretaries of Ministry of Finance, Planning Commission, Communication, National Food Security and Industry, Chairman and Managing Director Utility Stores Corporation, Chief Commissioner Islamabad and other senior officials.
The meeting was briefed on the current situation of the prices of essential commodities (flour, wheat, sugar, ghee, rice and pulses) and measures to control them. Chairman and Managing Director Utility Stores Corporation apprised the meeting that immediate grant of Rs.6 billion from the government will reduce the prices of basic essential food items.
The Prime Minister was informed that the immediate supply of funds by the government would lead to price reduction of Rs-132 per kg in flour, Rs-09 per kg in sugar, Rs-30 per kg in ghee, Rs-20 per kg in rice and Rs-15 in pulses which would be made available for public consumption at Utility Stores.
The Prime Minister was briefed on the steps taken to curb corruption and embezzlement in the Utility Stores, and to ensure the sufficient and steady supply of essential food items to the public. The Prime Minister was informed that it is being ensured that the purchased items at the Utility Stores are received at the Stores’ warehouses without pilferage for packaging and onward dispatch to the Utility Stores outlets. The measures are aimed at ensuring the quality of goods at Utility Stores in addition to eradicating corruption. The Prime Minister directed that it should be ensured through use of  Information Technology and corruption must be eradicated at all Utility Store outlets.
Minister of Communications Mr. Murad Saeed said that in addition to a network of 4,000 utility stores, 800 post offices spread across the country can also be used to supply essential food items to the public. He further elaborated that home delivery service will soon be started by Pakistan Post Office to supply items at home to the poor and the needy.
Prime Minister Imran Khan said that provision of relief to the people is the top priority of the Government. "We strive to provide special relief to low income groups and poverty-stricken families". The Prime Minister said that in view of the challenging economic situation, the government took difficult decisions. Due to these decisions, the economy is stabilizing today and economic indicators are showing improvement; the situation will improve further in the coming days. Despite the difficult conditions, every possible effort to provide relief to the people will be undertaken, added the Prime Minister.
The Prime Minister directed the Utility Stores administration to ensure immediate and uninterrupted availability of essential food items to the public after the release of six billion rupees by the Government.