PM's Message on “CONSTITUTION DAY” 10th April, 2017

I felicitate the people of Pakistan on the occasion of the Constitution Day. This day signifies the efforts and contributions of all those citizens and leaders who worked tirelessly for a Constitution legitimized by national consensus. This is also a day to pay homage to all those Pakistanis who sacrificed for democracy and the rule of law.

As a nation, we must all understand that the supreme law of the land must be affirmative, inclusive and participatory. It is a matter of great satisfaction for me that the Constitution of Pakistan protects the fundamental rights of all citizens, without distinction, which lays the foundation of a strong and unified federation.

It is now upon us, the citizens of Pakistan, to ensure that no effort to deface the democratic, parliamentary and federal nature of our Constitution succeeds.

The tradition of celebrating the Constitution Day will not only reinforce amongst us the spirit to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution, but will also educate our future generations in the importance of democracy and democratic governance.

I congratulate the Senate of Pakistan for its efforts to revitalize the commitment to the rights and duties of the people of Pakistan as enshrined in the Constitution