PM’s message on the second anniversary of APS

On the occasion of second anniversary of APS, Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has extended his heartfelt sympathies to the families of the martyred students and all those who became victims of the tragic incident of Army Public School Peshawar. "I share the pain and grief with the bereaved families. The entire Pakistani nation feels and shares the pain of the tragedy and stand by the mourning families", said the Prime Minister.


"16th December reminds us of the most painful tragedy of our lives when our innocent students were mercilessly killed at the place of their studies. It was a day when the heartless enemy committed an act of barbarism and savagery against defenceless school boys. We cannot forget the agony of this day", said the Prime Minister.


The Pakistani nation and leadership took a clear and categorical decision for an indiscriminate action against terrorists after the APS incident. We decided to act with our full might for elimination of terrorism and extremism from our society; showing no mercy for those who martyred our little angels. The world has seen that we have dismantled the terrorists' networks and broken their back by rendering matchless sacrifices in this war of our survival. I assure the nation that we will take this war to its logical conclusion to guarantee a peaceful and stable Pakistan for our future generations", emphasized the Prime Minister.