PM's Message on Eid Ul Azha, 1436 Hijrah

“Assalam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah,

I felicitate the countrymen and all Muslim on the joyous eve of Eid ul Azha. We are grateful to Allah Almighty who have blessed us with this auspicious eve  for yet another time. I pray that may these happy moments come over and over again in your lives. Aameen!

Eid ul Azha is a day of remembrance of the obedience of Hazrat Ibrahim (Peace Be Upon Him) and the reverence of Hazrat Ismael (Peace be upon him), when these two honoured personalities set an extraordinary example of sacrifice and selflessness. Islam regarded this act of submission to Allah Almighty, which we term as Sunnah-e-Ibrahimi, an obligatory practice for the affluent Muslims.

Sacrifice means devoting one’s self for the upholding of high moral values. The slaughter of sacrificial animals is an apparent aspect, however the real spirit lies in fostering the essence of sacrifice and reverence before Allah Almighty. 

The sacrifice rendered by people enlivens a society and the nation. This is the basic lesson behind the act of sacrifice. We need to rise above our personal, sectarian and party interests to get rid of extremist approaches and should work on converging our spirits of sacrifice towards the unity of nation and the Muslim Community world over. This is the basis of Islamic teachings. If we devote our intent of sacrifice on the real objectives, then this would promote mutual harmony, brotherhood, tolerance and equilibrium in our beloved country.

I pray that may Allah Almighty bless us with real happiness of Eid ul Azha and guide us to understand the revered act of sacrifice so that we follow it in its true spirit. Aameen!