Message of Prime Minister of Pakistan on Easter

I felicitate Christians the world over and particularly the Christian community of Pakistan for celebrating the sacred occasion of Easter. Being the harbinger of joyous tidings Easter signifies the spirit of regaining all that is good and virtuous in human life.


This year Easter falls at a time when the need for achieving interfaith harmony in Pakistan is eagerly felt. The forces of discord are trying to create disharmony in the fabric of Pakistani society with the avowed aim to cause serious harm to it. I am positive that Pakistani nation understands the ulterior motives of such elements and is united in frustrating their designs.


I wish to point out that the Father of the Nation unequivocally declared the policy of equality, freedom and security for all communities in Pakistan irrespective of their religion and ethnicity. This assurance is adequately enshrined in the Constitution of Pakistan that grants equal rights and complete protection to all communities of Pakistan.


I wish to reiterate my firm resolve that all communities inhabiting the length of breadth of Pakistan enjoy equal rights irrespective of their beliefs. My government is committed to safeguard the fundamental rights, safety, honour, life and property of all minority communities. I wish to uplift the welfare of all minorities and am earnest in safeguarding their rights.


I have time and again lauded the valuable contribution made by minority communities of Pakistan particularly Pakistani Christians. I am sure that they will keep on playing their national role in development and prosperity of Pakistan.


I convey my sincere good wishes to our Christian brethren on festivities of Easter and wish them all the best.