PM’s message on International Women Day 2015

I am pleased to learn that Pakistan is celebrating International Women’s Day in association with the international community. I appreciate the very apt theme -‘Make it Happen’- chosen for the event that emphasizes the need to undertake concrete measures aimed at furthering the cause of betterment of women the world over.

I am aware that Pakistan is an enthusiastic State Party to various international and regional instruments on women rights including the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). I can assure that Pakistan is earnestly committed to implementing the provisions of CEDAW in true spirit. My government has already taken concrete measures to ensure Women’s Rights as envisaged in the CEDAW.

I am a firm believer in the fact that participation of women is a prerequisite for the development of a country. Accordingly my government unequivocally is committed to ensure their participation and empowerment. This is our national duty to provide them equal opportunities without any discrimination. I reaffirm my pledge for protection of Women’s Rights in the country to make them valuable citizens and productive members of the society.

My government is undertaking measures in all fields of national activity including reforms for the betterment of women of the country. The National Commission on the Status of Women is entrusted with the task to strengthen means aimed at providing protection to vulnerable women and to promote healthy implementation of rights of women. In this connection I have instructed the relevant federal authorities to initiate and implement legislative and administrative measures required for furthering this important cause. I do appreciate the sincere efforts of the UN and other international agencies and social welfare organizations for assisting the government in successfully carrying out this national endeavor.

After the 18th Constitutional Amendment, the provincial governments are entrusted with the responsibilities to undertake every effort for the promotion and protection of Women Rights. I call upon the provincial governments for undertaking such efforts and I assure the utmost federal government support to provincial governments in this national cause.

I also call upon the civil society, philanthropists, media, corporate sector and all relevant quarters to play their role in providing an enabling environment for women. I am sure that we will all continue our efforts with zeal and vigor for making our noble goal a success.