Message of the Prime Minister of Pakistan on New Year

As New Year marks a new beginning therefore I convey my profound good wishes to the nation on commencement of 2015 with the belief that it will augur well for Pakistan. The upcoming 2015 will surely bear witness to the fact that we have decisively turned a page in our history and have embarked upon our national journey afresh with the resolve to overcome the divisive hazards of extremism and terrorism.

The dawn of 2015 will surely make us candidly reflect on the year gone by with a view to analyze the high points and shortcomings we experienced in our national life. The tidings of the New Year will instill in us the prudence to fine tune tenets of our national existence and imbue them with spirit of tolerance and fortitude. I am sure Pakistani nation is resilient enough to make the best of circumstances and make them productive.

I strongly believe that Pakistan is finally heading towards achieving not too distant goal of social harmony and economic development. My belief is underpinned by the universally acknowledged fact that Pakistanis have the necessary wherewithal to successfully tread the road leading to prosperity and well being.

My government is dedicatedly oriented to provide well laid out means for Pakistanis to build upon their well deserved future plans. It is my earnest wish that the good tidings of New Year usher in a groundswell of selfless national unity, emphatic appreciation of national imperatives and amiable understanding of national motives.

I undertake to resolutely pursue the national programs my government has solemnly undertaken and steadfastly vouch to deliver upon all the plans my government stands for.

With the sanguine hope that the nation will make the best of the New Year I wish you all a very Happy New Year.