Message of Prime Minister of Pakistan on Christmas

I wish to join all Pakistanis in sincerely felicitating the Christians world over, particularly our Christian compatriots, who are very joyously celebrating Christmas. Christmas has become a revered symbol of redemption of universal brotherhood, amity and truthfulness that transcends peripheral considerations.

The spirit of Christmas pervades every spectre of human existence because it permeates the essence of human existence by inculcating supreme values of love, tolerance, trust and compassion. Celebrating Christmas also instills in human beings the urge to seek forgiveness of all acts of omission and commission by resolving to refrain from them in future and steadfastly adhering to such resolution.

Pakistan is committed to the worthy pledge given by the founder our nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, to irrevocably safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of minorities. We as a nation are committed to uphold the principles of equality, freedom and security for all communities living in Pakistan irrespective of their religion, profession or ethnic origin.

My government is dedicatedly oriented to preserve the sanctity of existence and equality of opportunity enjoyed by all Pakistanis including our minorities. My government treats all minority citizens as equal citizens of Pakistan and undertakes to empower them to use their abilities for national development. I am a great believer in communal harmony and profound understanding and cohesion between all faiths practiced in the length and breadth of the country.

On this happy day, I wish to gratefully acknowledge the important role played and valuable contribution made by our Christian brethren in national development particularly in the fields of education and health. I greatly appreciate their patriotism, devoted service and sincere attachment to the country and am confident that they will continue to play their due role for peace, progress and prosperity of Pakistan with complete dedication. I wish them a merry Christmas.