PM's message for Universal Children’s Day

It is indeed my privilege to felicitate Pakistani nation on joining the international community in commemorating the silver jubilee of United Nations Convention on Rights of Child and celebrating it as Universal Children’s Day. Pakistan is a committed signatory of UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and considers it an adequate reassurance provided to the inherent rights of children. Pakistan is fully aware of the responsibilities this commitment entails and since the last 25 years since becoming a signatory, has taken concrete measures to ensure children’s rights to survival, development, protection and participation as envisaged in the UNCRC.

Pakistani polity is acutely conscious about protecting interest of children and considers them as its future custodians. Children are very well protected in Pakistan and provided with every opportunity to progress in life. Deeply cognizant of the impending possibility of the children being subjected to any untoward situation, Pakistan acted as the prime mover of SAARC’s regional ‘Initiative to end violence against children’. In order to practically implement the spirit of this initiative and as a sequel to the 25th anniversary of adoption of UNCRC, Pakistan is launching a national campaign to end violence against children with a view to ensure that they are free from any unbecoming treatment and are progressing well.

My government is bringing about transformation in all fields of national activity including reforms for the betterment of young members of our society. The Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights is particularly entrusted with the task to strengthen means aimed at providing protection to vulnerable children and to promote healthy implementation of rights of children. In this connection I have instructed the relevant federal and provincial authorities to initiate and implement legislative and administrative measures required for furthering this noble cause. I appreciate the sincere efforts undertaken by international agencies and social welfare organizations for assisting the government in successfully carrying out this national endeavor.

Since this is a social issue, I call upon the civil society, philanthropists, media, corporate sector and all relevant quarters to play their role in making Pakistan a children friendly country. I am sure that we will all continue our efforts with zeal and vigor for making our noble goal a   success.