PM’s message on the commencement of new Hijri year

It is our good fortune that we are celebrating commencement of new Hijri Year 1436. New Hijri year is symptomatic of good tidings and bounties showered by Almighty Allah on the Muslim Ummah the world over.

The dawn of new Hijri year reminds us of the unrivalled Islamic deeds and historical legacy. The onset of new Hijri year instills in us the desire to follow up on our glorious traditions.

It is also incumbent on us to realistically reappraise our cumulative action as a nation in the year gone by with a view to delineate the positive contribution we made in our national life. We may undertake to consistently adhere to our collective good and shun overtures unbecoming a united and enlightened nation.

The beginning of the New Year opens up vistas of committing and devoting ourselves to our cherished task of nation building. We need to eschew the pull of fissiparous tendencies and steadfastly strive for furthering tasks in hand with unison and harmony.

The spirit of New Year exhorts us to exhibit utmost patience and tolerance while dealing with our national affairs. The hallmark of ideal human behavior befitting upright Pakistani nation is to be consistently prudent and indefatigably tolerant.

While stepping into the New Year we should always remember the plight faced by our compatriots suffering the ravages of floods. We must also not forget the discomfort suffered by displaced families seeking safety from terrorist activities of nefarious elements. We must offer our gratitude to our armed forces for bravely conducting operation Zarb-e-Azb aimed at eradicating the terrorist menace.      

I feel it my duty to apprise you that Pakistan is surely been led to the path of prosperity and development. We have successfully devised plans and have embarked upon them to assuredly achieve nation building goals set by us. I am downright positive that I will take my mission to successful fruition. I earnestly believe that my nation will steadfastly support me in my noble mission.

My prayers and good wishes are always with the Pakistani nation and I felicitate them on the New Hijri Year.

Pakistan Paindabad