PM’s message on the occasion of Defence Day of Pakistan

The 6th of September is a milestone in our history. On this day in 1965, the armed forces and people of Pakistanthwarted the enemy's nefarious designs. The courage and valour they demonstrated has no parallel in history.

Today, the country stands at a crossroads, facing multiple threats from within and without. Extremism and terrorism are weakening the very foundations of the state. These challenges demand national unity, self-reliance, strong economy and political stability as well as professional preparedness of the armed forces. I am happy that the armed forces have made decisive gains in the war against terrorism since the launch of Operation Zarb-e-Azb. And I have no doubt that we will prevail Inshallah. While it is fitting that we should commemorate this sacred day, our thoughts are also with the IDPs who are facing tremendous tribulations and privations with great courage for the sake of a progressive and prosperous Pakistan. Let there be no doubt that the Government stands with these noble Pakistanis and will extend all possible help for their safe and early return to their homes.

Pakistan Army, Navy and Air Force are serving their country with the highest integrity and professional standards. Other security institutions are also playing an active role and working hard to ensure the defence of the realm. The people of Pakistan appreciate the diverse challenges posed by the changing regional landscape and have absolute faith in the armed forces' ability to deal with them. The government and people of Pakistan stand behind their armed forces and will continue to make every sacrifice to ensure that our brave men and women in uniform can perform their duties in the most effective manner possible.

Let us renew the pledge that we will never hesitate to stand behind our valiant forces or shy away from any kind of sacrifice for the defence of the Motherland.

Pakistan Paindabad