PM’s message the occasion of International Women’s Day

It is a matter of great pleasure for me that our nation joins the international community in celebrating the International Women’s Day today. Being a State Party to the Convention on Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), Pakistan is committed to implement its provisions in true spirit. The Government has already taken concrete measures to ensure Women’s Rights as envisaged in the CEDAW.

Women participation is necessary for the sustainable development; therefore, the Government is committed to ensure their empowerment. This is our national duty to protect the interests of women and provide them equal opportunities without any discrimination. I reaffirm my pledge for protection of Women’s Rights in the country to make them valuable citizens and productive members of the society.

Being cognizant of the situation of women, the Government is continuously undertaking reforms so as to enable women to participate in all walks of life. Pakistanhas enacted effective legislation to address women issues with a view to safeguard their rights. I am glad to note that the Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights is making all out efforts for protection and promotion of Women’s Rights in collaboration with all the relevant stakeholders.

I feel pride in stating that today Pakistani women are participating in all sectors and many of them have excelled in their respective fields not only in Pakistan but also on the international level.  

I urge all concerned to sincerely undertake legislative, administrative and social sector reforms to further create an enabling environment for women. I also appreciate the UN agencies and Non-governmental Organizations for their efforts for continuously advocating and highlighting the Women’s Rights. I hope they will continue pursing this important mission with the same zeal and vigour.