PM’ s message on eve of Christmas Dec 25, 2013

I congratulate my Christian brothers and sisters in Pakistanas well as throughout the world on the auspicious occasion of Christmas, being celebrated today.

The Jesus Christ was sent to this world as symbol of peace, brotherhood and respect for the entire humanity. He not only healed the ailing humanity but preached the divine values of tolerance, love and compassion. His descent to this world is a source of peace for the entire humanity. The Holy Christ is the divine being whose teachings and guidance is a beacon of light for the followers of all the religions.

Constitution of Pakistan envisages equal rights to all citizens and provision of safety and security of life, property and honour of every citizen is a fundamental duty of the state irrespective of caste, creed or religious belief. Quaid-i-Azam had also assured equal rights to all the citizens and we are committed to carry out his words.

On this occasion, I reiterate that the government will continue to uphold the rights of all minorities and will ensure the protection of their life, property and treat them as equal citizens of the state. I also urge the religious, political and social elites to foster solidarity and brotherhood among the followers of all the religious faiths to make Pakistana hub of peace and prosperity.