PM’s message on Muharram ul Haram 1435 Hijri

Prime Minister urges unity to foil machinations of anti-Muslim elements    


 Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has urged the nation to forge unity among its ranks to foil nefarious designs of anti-Islam forces, as the country was facing serious issues like terrorism, sectarianism and extremism.


 In his message on the advent of new Hijri year 1435 and the first month of the Islamic calendar Muharramul Harram, the Prime Minister urged the need of fostering of spirit of brotherhood, affection and religious tolerance. "We have to devote all our energies for the progress and prosperity of the country and nation, irrespective of our personal, class or regional prejudices and differences."

      "Only through this approach, we can reap benefits of the mundane world and the world hereafter," he added.

      Congratulating the nation on the advent of month of Muharramul Harram, the Prime Minister said the holy month teaches the Muslims a lesson of brotherhood, love and tolerance and advised them to work for welfare of the humanity and mutual tolerance in line with the teachings of Islam. The Prime Minister observed that the holy month of Muharram has always been a month of respect and dignity as importance of deeds and blessings in this month increased manifold.

      He said the holy month also required that they must review their past deeds and set a direction for the future by setting priorities for the welfare of nation, promotion of mutual affection, and tolerance in the light of teachings of Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), so as to put in place a true welfare society in the country under the real universal principles of Islam. "We should follow the true spirit of Muharramul Harram, which is sacrifice and religious tolerance, and refrain from all kinds of prejudice and class differences," he added.

The Prime Minister said the Muslims should keep themselves above from class,
creed and political affiliations and promote the feelings of love and affection among themselves, adding," We should utilize all our energies for progress and prosperity of the country and nation."

      "May Allah Almighty guide us to follow the philosophy of Muharram ul Harram, and make Pakistan a cradle of peace and prosperity, Ameen," the Prime Minister prayed.