PM's Message On World Polio Day – 24th October, 2017

Few ideas have greater gravity than the eradication of a human disease - just as people now live free from the fear of smallpox, so a polio-free world is within our grasp. We are at the last mile of our cherished goal of polio eradication. We are fighting an intense final battle with the virus in selected pockets of the country. The Government of Pakistan is fully committed to winning this decisive round to ensure that our children will never again be afflicted by polio.


Today more than 16 million people worldwide, who would otherwise be paralysed, are able to walk – thanks to concerted polio eradication efforts. This means 500,000 people from Pakistan can walk who would otherwise have been affected.


Pakistan is one of the last three countries remaining with the wild poliovirus. We have been close to eradication before and now after almost three decades worth of investments, efforts and sacrifices we are at the closest point to interrupting poliovirus transmission in Pakistan and then to finally eradicating it.


Let us resolve on this World Polio Day that we will give no room for the poliovirus to find any sanctuary within our communities or our homes.


I would like to avail this opportunity to thank our hardworking Sehat Muhafiz who reach out to children across the length and breadth of our country. Their dedication has played an important role in bringing us so close to eradication. I would also like to sincerely thank the leadership of all the political parties, religious scholars, defence forces and security personnel for showing exemplary support towards this national cause. When our people come together towards a national cause there is nothing we cannot achieve.


May Allah Almighty help and guide us!