British High Commissioner calls on the Prime Minister

August 28, 2017

British High Commissioner, Mr. Thomas Drew, called on Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi to congratulate him on his assumption of office. The High Commissioner conveyed the greetings of British Prime Minister Theresa May and underscored that in the UK Pakistan had a great friend. Prime Minister Theresa May also knew Pakistan well and has visited Pakistan three times.


          The Prime Minister thanked the High Commissioner for the message from Prime Minister Theresa May. The Prime Minister and High Commissioner discussed the regional situation, Afghanistan, enhancing bilateral trade and the significant role of Pakistani community in the UK.


Prime Minister said that Pakistan wanted peace and stability in Afghanistan. Our commitment to peace and stability in the region was underscored by the fact that Pakistan had continued a successful campaign against terrorism inside the country and made enormous sacrifices. Pakistan has suffered immensely on account of the situation in Afghanistan and, therefore, we had the greatest stake in that country’s return to normalcy.


          The High Commissioner underscored the importance of trade with Pakistan and informed the Prime Minister that the new British Trade Minister, Mr. Greg Hands, will visit Pakistan in the coming months. The intention was that after the Brexit, trade should increase with Pakistan. He added that UK is committed to supporting Pakistan in its efforts for a peaceful and stable region. He recognized the sacrifices made by Pakistani law enforcement agencies and the military. The operations carried out by Pakistan had helped in cleaning up large parts of tribal areas of terrorists and terrorist networks.